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8th Grade – Gandhi Blog Checklist

Here are some final details to make sure that you have completed.

  1. Your team’s page should have the title of your article, a 2-3 sentence summary of the article, and a link to the article as part of the body of the page.
  2. You should have written your blog summary post.
  3. The title of your post should be capitalized correctly (see Sample)
  4. To show separate paragraphs, use returns and not indents
  5. You should have 2 different comments on 2 different blog posts from 2 different teams in your class
  6. Make sure that you have PROOF for your statements. If you are claiming that Gandhi would take a particular approach, what historical evidence is the basis for your claim.
  7. When you respond to the comments at the end of the process, make sure that you are specific when you write. It needs to be more than just, “I agree with you.” or “I disagree.”

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