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8th Grade Final Video Storyboards

Inside the 2012 folder, there is a Brunch Video Files folder. You will find a storyboard template in there. Save a copy of it into this same Brunch Video Files folder. Use the template to organize your thoughts and ideas, as well as to determine the media assets that you are going to employ. This is DUE by 2:45 on Thursday, May 12th.

Media Guidelines

Because we are not publishing these videos to the web, you may use any images, songs, or video clips that you choose as long as they are appropriate.

  • Images – You may bring in digital photos from home on a thumb drive, camera (if you have the cable), or by emailing them to me. Remember that you want your image files to be as large as possible so that they are not blurry. You may also bring in printed photos that we can scan. This is a time consuming process, so please plan accordingly. If you want to use images that you find online, that is also fine. Try checking the school’s Flickr site as there are hundreds of photos available.
  • Video – If you have existing video footage, you may use it. iMovie will import mov and m4v files. You may not take class time to film anything.
  • Music – This is up to you if you include it or not. If you have an iTunes account, you can access it from here at school. You may also bring mp4/mp3 files in on a thumb drive or email them to me. Another option is to search for music on Jamendo. Remember, I do not have to like your music, but it does have to be appropriate for all audiences.

8th Grade Propaganda Video Rubric

These propaganda films should be instructive as well as entertaining. After editing the complete films, should go back and revisit the clips and add titling/commentary to both define propaganda and explain each of the four techniques they chose to portray. Their films should teach the audience how each method can be used to lead and often mislead the thinking of viewers.

Propaganda techniques include:

  • Bandwagon – follow the crowd
  • Testimonial – celebrity endorsement
  • Glittering Generalities- broad vague statements
  • Plain Folk – the friend of the common man
  • Card stacking – presenting only one side of the issue
  • Name calling – giving the opponent a bad label
  • Transfer – associate a symbol with something else

Click here to get even more information from Mr. McMahon

8th Grade Stock Market Game Task #2

This task will be due by 2:45 on Thursday, April 14th.

To make sure that you have the spreadsheet skills that you need for your final project, we are going to practice with this task. You should work silently & independently for the first class period this week. I will answer questions and provide assistance during the second class.

  1. Open the 2011 folder
  2. Open the file called StockMarket-Task2 and save it to your Documents folder as Name-StockMarket-Task2
  3. On Sheet #1, called Sector Database, you will see a sample portfolio. This is the data from last year. You need to do the following:
    • Sort the sheet by sector such that the Information, Services, and Manufacturing stocks are grouped together
    • Calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) for each stock. ROI is the percentage of growth. Hint: write a formula that can be applied to all rows. This link may help.
    • Insert a row beneath each grouping by sector. In this row, you should calculate the SUM of values on February 22, the SUM of values on April 23, and the ROI for the sector.

    If you have completed this correctly, your spreadsheet should look like this.

  4. On Sheet #2, called Sector Analysis, you need to fill in the blank columns and then create a bar graph to compare your portfolio’s ROI to the market ROI given the data provided.
  5. Sheet #3, Cap Database, is almost identical to the Sector Database. Do the same three steps so that you can calculate the ROI by capitalization.
  6. For Sheet #4, Cap Analysis, again fill in the columns and then create a bar graph to compare your portfolio’s ROI to the market ROI given the data provided.
  7. New Task: Add a Sheet #5 and call it Total Market Value. You should create a table that looks like the one below. Fill in the blanks and then graph the ROI to see how your portfolio compared to the market indexes.
  8. Source February 22nd Value April 23rd Value ROI
    Class Portfolio
    S&P 1,315.45 1,321.96
    NASDAQ 2,756.42 2,755.89
    Dow Jones Industrial Average 12,212.79 12,393.15
  9. When you are done, turn in a digital copy based on Mrs. Holland’s directions and give her a paper copy for your math teacher. Make sure that your name and your math teacher’s name are on the header of each page. You should print NO MORE than 7 pieces of paper.

8th Grade – Gandhi Blog Checklist

Here are some final details to make sure that you have completed.

  1. Your team’s page should have the title of your article, a 2-3 sentence summary of the article, and a link to the article as part of the body of the page.
  2. You should have written your blog summary post.
  3. The title of your post should be capitalized correctly (see Sample)
  4. To show separate paragraphs, use returns and not indents
  5. You should have 2 different comments on 2 different blog posts from 2 different teams in your class
  6. Make sure that you have PROOF for your statements. If you are claiming that Gandhi would take a particular approach, what historical evidence is the basis for your claim.
  7. When you respond to the comments at the end of the process, make sure that you are specific when you write. It needs to be more than just, “I agree with you.” or “I disagree.”

8th Grade – Ghandi Current Events Blog

Here is the link to our blog.

You will sign in with a user name of your first name (ex: and a password of smcds2011.

  1. One person from each group should create the page using the Create Page button. When you are working on the content of the page, it should be the TITLE of the news article, a 2-3 sentence summary of the article, and a link to the actual article.
  2. You should do your blog commentaries by then clicking the New Post button.

8th Grade – Impact of Web 2.0

Think about how technology changes the world around you. How does it change the way that you get information? How does it change how you process information? What does it make available? You spent the last few weeks before vacation exploring the concept of digital history – how you can find an entire person’s life story through the Internet.

Take a look at this video. Imagine if the story of Christmas actually happened during modern day.

Now, think about something in your life and how it could change based on new technology. Your goal is to first write the story as it happened. Then, retell the story as it could have happened given the technology that now exists.

8th Grade Characterization Writing

Now that you have researched your person, individually, you are going to write up their profile as a characterization. You need to address each of the sections defined below. You may use section headers to break up your paragraphs.

8B – This is due at the end of class on Wednesday, December 15th

8C – This is due at the end of class on Thursday, December 16th

To turn in your paper for Ms. Brittan, it MUST be in 2011>English>Characterizations and the file name MUST include your name as well as your person’s name. (ex: Susie-BrendanPLeonard)

Use this section to discuss what you know about the person’s prior history. For example, when and where they were born, all about their family, any childhoold-college events or accomplishments, or anything else that contributes to who this person is today.

Personality/ Character
Tell someone who reads about your person what their character is up to this point in their life. Describe their personality, goals, aspirations, fears, heroes, etc. Anything that might truly identify this person’s identity.

Choose a few representative categories of favorite things that your person enjoys. This could be hobbies, activities, favorite foods or books. Based on the information that you have discovered what else could you infer about your person?

Describe the places where this person has been educated as well as the education that this person has received. How has this person’s education shaped them? How have they benefitted from their education?

Professional Career
Describe your person’s career path. Not only where they are now, but how they got there. What do they do? What does their career choice tell about them?

Media Presence
How is your person represented in the media? Think about what you have discovered online. What are all of the websites, newspapers, videos, photos, etc. that exist and how do they add to your person’s character?

Imagine that this person is your client. What would you suggest for them to do to make themselves more attractive to future employers or to other groups that may want to include them? Are there other organizations that they should join? Any hobbies or activities that they should try? Given what you know about their current media presence, are there any changes that they should make in order to better promote themselves?


  • File was turned in on time, in the correct folder, with the correct file name
  • Identified key attributes about the person
  • Accurately described the person
  • Identified key media representations of the person
  • Made appropriate, realistic media recommendations
  • Writing and Grammar