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5th Grade Printing Directions

To print out everything for the Fakes & Forgeries show, follow these directions.

Directions for Printing your 3-Panel Brochure

  1. File>Print
  2. Choose Main Lab Color Copier as the printer
  3. Check the box for double-sided
  4. Choose Short-Sided binding from the drop down near the bottom of the screen (This is important so that it’s all right-side up)
  5. Hit the print button

Directions for printing the Keynote file with of the original painting

  1. File>Print
  2. If there isn’t a full print menu, click the blue down arrow to see the menu.
  3. Click the button that says Individual Slides (The print preview should show your slide filling the entire piece of paper!)
  4. Hit the print button

5th Grade Artist Videos

To learn about each artist, click on their name to see a short video.

  • Vincent Van Gogh – an A&E Documentary (5 minutes)
  • Pablo Picasso – this is the first video of a series of 9 videos (10 minutes)
  • Henri Matisse – from BBC Modern Masters (10 minutes)
  • Mary Cassatt – part of a movie about her (4 minutes)
  • Rene Magritte – this is more of a video slideshow of Magritte’s work (8 minutes)
  • Frida Kahlo – part 1 of a biography series (10 minutes)
  • Diego Rivera – the beginning of a documentary (2 minutes)
  • Salvador Dali – part 1 of a documentary about Dali. It has subtitles and is in Spanish (11 minutes)
  • David Hockney – a discussion of putting together paintings
  • Wayne Thiebaud – a great story from Sunday Morning (7 minutes)
  • Paul Cezanne – a video autobiography (10 minutes)
  • Georgia O’Keefe – video of her talking about New Mexico and her painting (9 minutes)
  • Paul Klee – the beginning of a documentary about him (10 minutes)
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat – part of an interview/documentary about him (4 minutes)
  • Andy Warhol – PBS Masters series about him (10 minutes)
  • Edward Hopper – part of a documentary (4 minutes)

If your artist is not listed above, here are some other videos to watch.

  • BBC Modern Masters – look through the clips for Picaso, Warhol, Matisse, and Dali
  • BBC – The Art of Northern Spain – there are 4 videos in this series. By skimming through, you can learn a lot about Antoni Gaudi, Francisco Goya, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Luis Bunuel
  • National Gallery of Art – there are lots of videos about American painters on this channel. Just look through.
  • PBS Art 21 – Search by name to see if they have a video on your artist.

5th Grade – 5 W's and a How

So that you can figure out what else you should know as a group, see if you can answer these questions about your cave.

  • Who – who created the cave art? who are these people? See if you can add a picture.
  • What – what did they paint? think about both the subject matter of the paintings as well as the size and scope. On your slide, add pictures of the most important images and also describe them.
  • When – when did they paint? during what era? what else do you know happened during this time?
  • Where – where are these caves located? get as specific as you can and add maps.
  • Why – why do you think they painted? what purpose did the paintings serve?
  • How – what materials did they use to paint? how did they actually create their art?

Use the Keynote file in the 2014 folder to help you. Make sure you save a copy to your DOCUMENTS folder.

5th Grade Journey into the Caves – the beginning

You are going on a journey to discover ancient cave paintings. In teams, you will work to discover as much as you can about your cave, the artwork, and the artists. At the end of your exploration, you will collaborate to create a blog about your discoveries.


Each team will have 5 or 6 key players:

  • Geologist – person who understands the geography and geology of the area
  • Mapper – person who knows the precise location of the cave and can provide maps to show direction
  • Artifact Artist – person who collects the digital artifacts and keeps them organized for putting into the final product. This person also needs to know everything about the paintings themselves.
  • Historian – the person who focuses on the background information about the people that lived in that site
  • Documentarian – the person who looks at all of the information and then explains how it all works together


Mrs. Stieff, Mrs. Szabo, and I have put you into teams, given you a cave to explore, and assigned you a role. I have also listed out some resources that will help you to get started.

The Caves of Cosquer
Kerrin (artist), Tina (geologist), Michael (mapper), Emmett (historian), Brianna (documentarian)
The Caves of Cantabria and Altamira (the most famous cave in this region)
Cam (documentarian), Ainsley (historian), Becca (mapper), Connor (geologist), Grace (artist)
The Anasazi and their rock art
Aidan (mapper), Tia (geologist), Aspen (artist), Julia (historian), Karla (documentarian)
Aboriginese Rock Art
AJ (mapper), Yuri (geologist), Lizzie (historian), Nicky (historian), Mary Anne (artist), Hannah (documentarian)

5th Grade Middle East Geography Exploration

You are going to become archeologists in your upcoming history classes. Where do you think that you could look for possible dig sites in the Middle East? Where would you NOT look? Why? To figure this out, you are going to map the area.

Label as many geographic areas and features as you can on this map from the Xpedition Atlas. To make your labels, you will need to drag it into a Pages document. (see directions below) You may use other websites to help you with your search. (HINT: what types of websites would be most useful for finding out geographic information?)

Pages Directions

  1. Open Pages
  2. Choose Blank Landscape
  3. File>Save As>MiddleEast-Map and put it in your Documents folder
  4. Drag the map from the link above into your file

5th Grade Heroes

For your final project, you will be doing a little bit of research about modern heroes. Choose from the list below to get started (if you have another idea, you may run it by Mrs. H). Once you have made your choice, you will start your research. You may ONLY use Grolier, Answers, and the Worldbook Web as your sources.

  • Martin Luther King – Sawyer
  • Mahatma Ghandi – Freddie
  • Oprah Winfrey – Jane
  • Ellen MacArthur – Maggie D
  • Margaret Thatcher – Kaylynn
  • Desmond Tutu – Will
  • Mary Robinson – Maggie W
  • Bono – Sophia
  • Angelina Joli – Ty
  • Arthur Ashe – Mary Ann
  • Mia Hamm – D.D
  • Jim Henson – Lydia
  • Rosa Parks – Nadia
  • Ernest Shackleton – Annie
  • Harry Connick Jr. – Ally
  • Ted Williams – Will
  • J.K Rowling – Victoria
  • Jennifer Aniston – Aubrianna
  • Thomas Edison – Jack
  • Lech Walesa – Giles
  • Amelia Erhart – Heather
  • Jim Brown – Jake
  • Mother Teresa – Margaret

5th Grade Artist Info

Here are a few links that may come in handy:

  • ArtLex – this is the art dictionary for your definitions. Remember, they should be in your own words.
  • Grolier and Grolier for Kids – if you login to Grolier, you can click on the purple button in the top right if you need something that is easier to read. Also, use the website tabs to find information about your artist.
  • The Library Website – Mrs. Lux has all sorts of resources for you. Make sure that you check under Project Resources for the Art Links. Also, click on where it says AskRI and then try the button to World Book Web. The version for students may be helpful.