Beth Holland

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4th Grade Presentation Resources

Now that we are finishing up our presentations, here are a few links that you may use:

National Geographic –

Tornadoes –
Typhoon Morakot-
Haiti earthquake 2010

If you have all of your work done, you could also add music. Go to to see what might be available to download.

4th Grade – Where in the world…..

In your geography books, you learned about some of the most amazing places on earth: the highest, hottest, deepest, coldest, wettest locations. Now, you are going to virtually explore them.

First, let’s take a look at the world so that we can use a common set of directions. In your Where in the World books, you are going to need  a map of the word. Your first task will be to draw a compass on that map. Once you know your directions, split the world into hemispheres. In other words, draw the Equator and the Prime Meridian onto your map. This atlas page will help you.