Beth Holland

Food for thought…

2nd Grade Creature Cards

We are going to make Creature Cards to go with the underwater creatures that we have studied.

  • First, find a picture for each of your cards. To add pictures to our cards, we will go and look our animals up on Arkive. Make sure your picture shows Description, Habitat, Eating, and Interesting Fact.
  • Match the pictures up with the front and back like we talked about in class. Use Mrs. H’s example with the Antarctic Fur Seal to help match up the pictures. Don’t forget to Save after each picture!
  • Copy & Paste the name of your creature from Arkive on top of where it says Antarctic Fur Seal. Save
  • Copy & Paste the scientific name of your creature from Arkive into the correct places on your Creature Cards. Save
  • Type in your notes where it says, Type Here

** Sample  CreatureCards from Mrs. H