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Behind the Science of Innovation – Team Keynoting with Shawn McCusker

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Last week, I had the privilege to team-keynote the EdTechTeacher Innovation Summit with my colleague and friend, Shawn McCusker (@ShawnMcCusker). While I had a great time presenting with him, our process of creating this presentation provided some fantastic opportunities to learn.

The Process

Shawn lives outside of Chicago, so our planning occurred virtually. Over the course of about six weeks, we used a combination of phone calls, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and text message to share ideas. We created two collaborative Coggles. At one point, I sent him a 20-minute recording of me talking through a hodge-podge of handwritten notes in Explain Everything. He strapped his iPad into the passenger seat of his car and then apparently listened to me on his way to and from school. Finally, we shifted over to Google Slides. By the time we both arrived in San Diego, most of our slides had been fleshed out and we could really focus on the delivery of our message.

The Delivery

Many thanks to Greg Kulowiec (@GregKulowiec) for actually capturing the talk using an iPad and Swivl. Shawn gets all of the credit for the excellent editing.

Special Thanks

Several of our talented colleagues and friends captured via our keynote in sketchnotes. It is amazing to see our thinking through their eyes. I can’t thank them enough for sharing.

From Douglas Kiang (@dkiang)

From Michael Cohen (@TheTechRabbi)

From Reshan Richards (@ReshanRichards)

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