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Back to the Future at MassCUE – From the Jetsons to Screen Time

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Thanks to everyone who came to my sessions today at the MassCUE conference. Whether you are looking for more materials, or curious about what I talked about, keep reading.

The Future of Learning

I kicked off the morning with this session. Admittedly, I tried this topic at least year’s Leading Future Learning Conference but suffered a total failure. Despite both analog and digital time telling technology at my disposal, I was incapable of keeping track of 40 minutes and only got through half of the plan. Today, however, I had both technologies as well as an audience volunteer to help me out.

Over a year ago, I started working on this concept via an Edutopia post. However, I enjoyed taking the idea, fleshing it out a bit, and then building in a few hands-on challenges. Besides, as David Weinberger says in the title of his book, “The smartest person in the room is the room.

Book List from the Talk

During the conversation, I mentioned a few books and then said that I should provide a book list next time. Well, why wait. Here are all of the books that I remember mentioning.

The Power of Screentime

This afternoon, I had a fantastic conversation with a small group about finding the balance of screentime. Much like the first talk, I based this one off of a different Edutopia post. I truly enjoyed the insights and comments from the group.

Book List from the Talk

What’s Next?!

In the next few months, I will be presenting in a few locations and will try to share slides and info here. Most exciting, check out our upcoming EdTechTeacher events!

coming soon

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