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Back to School Adventures

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It’s Back-to-School season. Since my own start of school at the end of July – you can read about it in A Call to Action for the First Day of School – I have traveled back and forth to schools all over the place. The map below shows all of my August adventures and if you click on the picture it will open in Google Maps with more info.
Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.59.56 AM

With all of the Back-to-School fun, I’ve written a handful of posts which I have not remembered to post here as well as participated in a number of Google Hangouts about a few of my favorite tools. You can view those on the EdTechTeacher Webinars page if you are interested. This afternoon, Sabba Quidwai, Jodie Deinhammer, and I will be talking iTunesU as well.

My classes start next week, but I will try to continue to post updates here. Good luck to all of my teacher friends – and those of you who have kids going back to school. Here’s to Surviving September!

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