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Organizing Research with Diigo Outliners

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For the past few years, I’ve been heavily reliant on Diigo – a social bookmarking tool. For the most part, I’ve just used it to save and tag bookmarks. However, in the past few months, I’ve begun to take advantage of the annotation features as well. While this system is great because I can search my notes and links, I still found it a bit cumbersome to then do anything with all of that content.

However, a few months ago, Diigo introduced Outliners and everything changed!

Now, not only can I save research but I can organize it in outline form as well! This is a complete game changer for teaching research skills. To learn more, check out the article that I wrote for Free Technology for Teachers.

Shameless Self Promotion

With EdTechTeacher, I’m teaching a two-day workshop, July 16-17, in Boston this summer on Reading, Writing, & Research. I can promise you that we will look at using Diigo to support these processes. Registration is open!

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