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From Library to Learning Commons – On Edutopia

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As promised, here’s an announcement about my latest post: 21st Century Libraries: The Learning Commons. It was published last night on Edutopia.

A Little Backstory…

In November, I had the great opportunity to represent Edutopia on a speaking tour across Italy as part of the Associazione Italiana Biblioteche Progetto Invitro. They asked if I would talk about the transformation of libraries and learning here in the US. To be honest, I had limited knowledge of this concept when I agreed to go. What I did know came from an excellent talk from Martin Moran at last summer’s EdTechTeacher Summit.

Never fear, I cornered Jonathan Werner (@MaineSchoolTech) at the iPad Summit right before I left for Italy and picked his brain for a long time. Over the course of the week in Italy, I learned not only from Jonathan and the individuals who he referenced, but also Carolyn Foote (@technolibrary) and from reading Gino Bondi’s blog. By the time I returned, I was ready to write my post.

Usually, I like to write posts before delivering presentations. However, this time, I leveraged previous work on reading, writing, and note taking with this new information.

What’s Next

Now that you know how and why I wrote that post, go ahead and read it on Edutopia! Keep an eye out for a follow-up article in the coming weeks about how to transform your library on a budget (that has a different backstory all together).

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