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Ask Me about “The Rock”


Ask me about “The Rock.”

Ask me about “Primal Scream” and “Core” and what it’s like to dance for 30 hours straight.

Ask me about Big 10 football games, WaMu, and the difference between living in a dorm or a Res College.

Ask me anything  that you can’t already find on the university web site or in a guidebook.

I’m writing this as a plea to any educator who works with high school seniors applying to college. See, I’m an alumni interviewer for Northwestern University. I loved my college experience enough that I volunteer my time to talk to prospective students even when I really don’t have the time. After I talk to them, I write a recommendation. In all, I spend about 3.5 hours that I may or may not have in my day, talking to a kid who may or may not want to go to my university because I care.

So, if you are going to take my time, show me that you care. Show me your passion. Show me that you have interests. Show me that you are going to contribute back to the community that I care about. You can ask me about academics and professors and the quarter system and classes, but do so in a way that shows me YOU WANT TO GO TO MY UNIVERSITY.

I’m not alone. I know that plenty of other colleges and universities use alumni interviewers as well. They care, too.

So, if you want to go to NU, ask me about “The Rock” and show some #PurplePride.

Author: brholland

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2 thoughts on “Ask Me about “The Rock”

  1. As the mom of four, I really appreciate your honesty, Beth! I am printing this out and sticking it under the noses of my two high schoolers!

  2. Please do! Most places do interviews to get to know prospective students beyond what is on paper. I LOVE being able to write glowing recommendations about students who are super excited about the school. It’s really hard when you know that a student may be incredibly bright, but you’re not sure if they care about the community.

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