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Back to School with iPads: the First 5s

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Last August, while leading a two-day EdTechTeacher iPad workshop with a school about to go 1:1, Tom Daccord (@thomasdaccord) recommended that I wrap up the final day with an activity called The First 5s. This faculty felt a bit overwhelmed about the influx of devices, and the activity would help them break down the process into more manageable parts. For the last hour of the day, we brainstormed on what could be achievable in the First 5 DaysFirst 5 Weeks, and then First 5 Months of school. Suddenly, 1:1 didn’t seem as daunting.

Since that workshop, I have used that strategy in a number of other sessions and webinars. In fact, it was in the back of my mind as I wrote my latest Edutopia article: Back to School with iPads: 5 Steps for the First 5 Days.

I also shared the idea with Richard Wells (@iPadWells), whom I have been following on Twitter. He turned the concept into this amazing illustration.

Image Credit: Richard Wells (@iPadWells)

For anyone kicking off the year with new devices, I also recommend these two posts from my colleague, Holly Clark (@HollyEdTechDiva):

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