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iPads And… a bunch of other thoughts


Since the iPad Summit last fall in Boston, I’ve been working on this concept of iPads And… vs iPads Or… It just feels like there’s this concept struggle between: should it be a paper book or an iBook, a paper drawing or a digital one, blocks or iPad? Well, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it should just be BOTH.

A few years ago, I wrote Go Buy Your Kid Some Blocks! It seemed as though even parents were forcing technology onto young children. So while A Platform for Good had agreed to publish iPads And… Combining the Physical and Digital in Elementary Classrooms originally on July 18th, I asked if they could bump up the date in response to Friday’s post on The Globe and MailToddlers with tablets will force a change in education.

Frankly, it isn’t iPad (or blocks) that revolutionizes teaching and learning. It’s the experience. Tablets should force a change in education. The printing press did….

On a semi-related note, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading Grant Lichtman’s The Falconer before the end of summer. It has provided great clarity for me in thinking about these things.

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2 thoughts on “iPads And… a bunch of other thoughts

  1. Interesting. How come no one ever comments????? Mom


  2. I don’t know, Mom. Good question! I do get a lot of SPAM. Someone trying to sell me UGG boots posts a lot.

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