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My Week of Social Media


The only benefit to being couch bound right now is that I’ve been able to read and write – a lot. Thanks to the contributions of three fantastic educators – Kristen Wideen, Kristin Ziemke, and Jill Gough – I was able to get my first post published by Edutopia.

While I was excited about writing Teaching Toddlers to Tweet? Introducing Social Media to Elementary Students, I did not expect the amazing impact that it would have. While in the past two days, I have been contacted by two different organizations asking about guest posts, what is more exciting is The Magic of Social Media in Kristen Wideen’s class.

What has happened in the last 24 hours has resulted from the “magic” of social media:

Yesterday Beth Holland’s article was published on Edutopia titled, “Teaching Toddlers to Tweet? Introducing Social Media to Elementary Students”   I was honored to be included in this well written article and tweeted the article to our school board’s Public Relations Officer, Scott Scantlebury @gecdsbpro.  From that tweet, I received a phone call from CBC Windsor asking if I could come in to do a radio interview before school the following day.  I of course agreed!

As I was waiting to speak on the air this morning, I was approached by a gentleman at the station asking if he could send someone out today with a camera to shoot a piece for the six o’clock news.  I was flabbergasted!  I asked my principal and he said, “Of course!”  I finished my radio interview and got to school before the morning bell.

The video that was broadcast on CBC last night can be viewed below.

What an exciting way to wrap up the school year for that Grade 1/2 class! I’m honored to know that I can be along for the ride.

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3 thoughts on “My Week of Social Media

  1. U should send this to John Montag

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  2. New highlight to the week. Mom figured out how to post a comment on my blog from her iPhone! Awesome!

  3. This is great, B! Got me to further explore social media!

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