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Oh The Things I Do Write…

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Seems like my own blog is the last stop for things that I’ve written. I have an idea for an original post that may – or may not – first appear here in the coming days, or weeks, but who’s counting?!

Anyways, the things I have written….

When To Put The Tech Away In Your 1:1 (or Any) Classroom

I love working with my friend, Shawn McCusker, in Chicago. Yes, Chicago. We have this great new system for co-authoring that uses a combination of Google Doc, Direct Message, and the occasional email. What I love most about this working arrangement is that we never actually talk to each other. In fact, we we do have an actual conversation by phone, it’s more about catching up or working through complex ideas than the logistics of writing an article. This is why I find it even more amusing that we wrote an article on when NOT to use technology.

You can read the full post on Edudemic.

Three Approaches for Getting Content to Elementary Students’ iPads – No Email, No Problem

I have been a Richard Byrne groupie for years. In fact, I may have been one of his first groupies in 2008. His resources used to make me look really smart as I provided a bounty of resources – courtesy of Richard – on a regular basis. That said, it was quite an honor to be able to do a guest post for him. This article on elementary iPad workflow is just the beginning. I’ve been drafting this concept for months as a result of numerous workshops with EdTechTeacher.

You can read the post on Free Tech for Teachers.

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