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Social Media Revolution 2011

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A few weeks ago, Richard Byrne, of Free Tech for Teachers, posted Social Media Revolution 2011, which is actually a post of someone else’s. The point being, through social media – I received Richard’s post via Google Reader as well as @rmbyrne and on FaceBook – I found this video on the revolution created by social media.

Sure, it is – in some ways – a twist on much of what appeared in Did You Know 4.0, which is really an evolution of Shift Happens from Xplane, but isn’t that what makes this interesting?

In the past six years, social media has changed how we communicate, how we share information, and even how we learn. Lately, I’ve been looking at the impact of mobile technology on research, reading, and learning. However, the bigger question may be how does mobile, social technology impact research, reading, and learning? Food for thought…

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