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8th Grade Final Video Storyboards

Inside the 2012 folder, there is a Brunch Video Files folder. You will find a storyboard template in there. Save a copy of it into this same Brunch Video Files folder. Use the template to organize your thoughts and ideas, as well as to determine the media assets that you are going to employ. This is DUE by 2:45 on Thursday, May 12th.

Media Guidelines

Because we are not publishing these videos to the web, you may use any images, songs, or video clips that you choose as long as they are appropriate.

  • Images – You may bring in digital photos from home on a thumb drive, camera (if you have the cable), or by emailing them to me. Remember that you want your image files to be as large as possible so that they are not blurry. You may also bring in printed photos that we can scan. This is a time consuming process, so please plan accordingly. If you want to use images that you find online, that is also fine. Try checking the school’s Flickr site as there are hundreds of photos available.
  • Video – If you have existing video footage, you may use it. iMovie will import mov and m4v files. You may not take class time to film anything.
  • Music – This is up to you if you include it or not. If you have an iTunes account, you can access it from here at school. You may also bring mp4/mp3 files in on a thumb drive or email them to me. Another option is to search for music on Jamendo. Remember, I do not have to like your music, but it does have to be appropriate for all audiences.

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