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8th Grade Stock Market Game Task #2

This task will be due by 2:45 on Thursday, April 14th.

To make sure that you have the spreadsheet skills that you need for your final project, we are going to practice with this task. You should work silently & independently for the first class period this week. I will answer questions and provide assistance during the second class.

  1. Open the 2011 folder
  2. Open the file called StockMarket-Task2 and save it to your Documents folder as Name-StockMarket-Task2
  3. On Sheet #1, called Sector Database, you will see a sample portfolio. This is the data from last year. You need to do the following:
    • Sort the sheet by sector such that the Information, Services, and Manufacturing stocks are grouped together
    • Calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) for each stock. ROI is the percentage of growth. Hint: write a formula that can be applied to all rows. This link may help.
    • Insert a row beneath each grouping by sector. In this row, you should calculate the SUM of values on February 22, the SUM of values on April 23, and the ROI for the sector.

    If you have completed this correctly, your spreadsheet should look like this.

  4. On Sheet #2, called Sector Analysis, you need to fill in the blank columns and then create a bar graph to compare your portfolio’s ROI to the market ROI given the data provided.
  5. Sheet #3, Cap Database, is almost identical to the Sector Database. Do the same three steps so that you can calculate the ROI by capitalization.
  6. For Sheet #4, Cap Analysis, again fill in the columns and then create a bar graph to compare your portfolio’s ROI to the market ROI given the data provided.
  7. New Task: Add a Sheet #5 and call it Total Market Value. You should create a table that looks like the one below. Fill in the blanks and then graph the ROI to see how your portfolio compared to the market indexes.
  8. Source February 22nd Value April 23rd Value ROI
    Class Portfolio
    S&P 1,315.45 1,321.96
    NASDAQ 2,756.42 2,755.89
    Dow Jones Industrial Average 12,212.79 12,393.15
  9. When you are done, turn in a digital copy based on Mrs. Holland’s directions and give her a paper copy for your math teacher. Make sure that your name and your math teacher’s name are on the header of each page. You should print NO MORE than 7 pieces of paper.

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