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6th Grade Spanish Project

You are going to create your fashion slide show. With this slideshow, you need one picture of yourself that you are going to take with Photo Booth, and then use two other pictures that you are going to get from the St. Michael’s Flickr Site. You may not use Google Images.


  1. Open Keynote and choose White or Black
  2. File>Save As>Name-Fashion (ex: Billy-Fashion) and put it in your Documents folder
  3. Your first slide should be the title of your fashion show and your name
  4. Add three photo horizontal slides and delete the text box
  5. Take your picture with Photo Booth. Once you have your picture, click on the iPhoto button so that it imports into iPhoto. To add it to your Keynote file, use the Media Browser.
  6. Drag your other pictures straight from Flickr into your Keynote slides
  7. Print out the handouts for homework to write your script.

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