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7th Grade Webquest

You are going a webquest to learn some background information for Inherit the Wind. Each of you is going to first work individually to find the answers to the questions, on your topic, in this webquest. Here is what we’re going to do. Then, you are going to work with your group member(s) to create a presentation. Finally, you are going to teach the class what you learned.

DUE: Start of class on Tuesday, January 25th

  1. Open Pages and Save As>Name-Topic (ex: Scott-WilliamJenningsBryan) to your Documents folder
  2. TYPE the answers to the questions in this document. You may NOT copy & paste. Write your answers in your own words.

DUE: End of the day on Friday, January 28th

  1. Open Keynote, choose White or Black, and Save As>GroupName-Topic (ex: ScottAndrew-WilliamJenningsBryan) to the 2012 folder
  2. Create a title slide with the name of your topic
  3. For each question that you answered in the webquest, create a Title & Bullets slide with the relevant information. NO COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!

Present to the class on Tuesday, February 1st

7A – Topics

  • Scott – William Jennings Bryan
  • Issy – Charles Darwin and Evolution
  • Andrew – William Jennings Bryan
  • Luca – The Scopes Trial
  • Laura – American Civil Liberties Union
  • Ben – John T. Scopes
  • Morgan L.- American Civil Liberties Union
  • Sierra – The Scopes Trial
  • Michael – John T. Scopes
  • Anastasia – Charles Darwin and Evolution
  • John – Clarence Seward Darrow
  • Morgan R. – The Scopes Trial
  • Nat – Clarence Seward Darrow

7M – Topics

  • Corran – William Jennings Bryan
  • Arthur – Charles Darwin and Evolution
  • Annie – William Jennings Bryan
  • Jack – The Scopes Trial
  • Amanda – American Civil Liberties Union
  • Ben – John T. Scopes
  • Mary- American Civil Liberties Union
  • Jasmine – The Scopes Trial
  • Piers – John T. Scopes
  • Maddie – Charles Darwin and Evolution
  • Finn – Clarence Seward Darrow
  • Witt – The Scopes Trial
  • Allie – Clarence Seward Darrow
  • Pete – Charles Darwin and Evolution

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