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8th Grade Characterization Writing

Now that you have researched your person, individually, you are going to write up their profile as a characterization. You need to address each of the sections defined below. You may use section headers to break up your paragraphs.

8B – This is due at the end of class on Wednesday, December 15th

8C – This is due at the end of class on Thursday, December 16th

To turn in your paper for Ms. Brittan, it MUST be in 2011>English>Characterizations and the file name MUST include your name as well as your person’s name. (ex: Susie-BrendanPLeonard)

Use this section to discuss what you know about the person’s prior history. For example, when and where they were born, all about their family, any childhoold-college events or accomplishments, or anything else that contributes to who this person is today.

Personality/ Character
Tell someone who reads about your person what their character is up to this point in their life. Describe their personality, goals, aspirations, fears, heroes, etc. Anything that might truly identify this person’s identity.

Choose a few representative categories of favorite things that your person enjoys. This could be hobbies, activities, favorite foods or books. Based on the information that you have discovered what else could you infer about your person?

Describe the places where this person has been educated as well as the education that this person has received. How has this person’s education shaped them? How have they benefitted from their education?

Professional Career
Describe your person’s career path. Not only where they are now, but how they got there. What do they do? What does their career choice tell about them?

Media Presence
How is your person represented in the media? Think about what you have discovered online. What are all of the websites, newspapers, videos, photos, etc. that exist and how do they add to your person’s character?

Imagine that this person is your client. What would you suggest for them to do to make themselves more attractive to future employers or to other groups that may want to include them? Are there other organizations that they should join? Any hobbies or activities that they should try? Given what you know about their current media presence, are there any changes that they should make in order to better promote themselves?


  • File was turned in on time, in the correct folder, with the correct file name
  • Identified key attributes about the person
  • Accurately described the person
  • Identified key media representations of the person
  • Made appropriate, realistic media recommendations
  • Writing and Grammar

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