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8th Grade Marketing Campaign

Now that you know about your people, how could you market them? Your goal is to create a marketing campaign, based on the personal brand around this individual, so that you can convince companies choose them in order to market their products. (For example, Martha Stewart’s brand is used to sell home goods for Macy’s because Martha Stewart is famous for her cooking and decorating.) In order to do this, you need to work through the following questions. Create a Keynote file for your group and have at least one slide per question to help explain your answers.

  1. What are the marketable attributes of this person? How are you going to you “sell” your person? (ExampleMartha Stewart is really good at cooking, baking, and making home decorations. She has a reputation for making extravagant things from everyday items, and is known for having everything look perfect.)
  2. Who are you marketing to? In other words, who is your audience? Based on the attributes that you have described, who would be interested in using your person to further market their products. (Example: It makes sense to market Martha Stewart to a company that sells baking or home products, and to use her in order to appeal to women looking for home goods. It would not make sense to use her to market pickup trucks for Chevy – a brand product that primarily targets working men such as farmers or construction workers.)
  3. Why would you use your person to market a particular type of product? (Example: Martha Stewart is the best person to use to market a new line of cookware products because she is famous for baking. People looking to purchase these products would be interested in anything supported by Martha Stewart because she is famous for being extravagant, creative, and meticulous.)
  4. How are you going to get the word out about your person? Through which media channels? TV, movies, newspaper, magazine, social media, radio? Identify which channels would be most effective given what you have already discovered about your person as well as what you think may be a viable solution. (Example: Martha Stewart may go on the Today Show to promote her new line of baking pans for Target. However, she would not appear on MTV Cribs.) Just to give you an idea, the diagram below shows all of the digital media points through which a company, person, or product could be represented.

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