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5th Grade – 5 W's and a How

So that you can figure out what else you should know as a group, see if you can answer these questions about your cave.

  • Who – who created the cave art? who are these people? See if you can add a picture.
  • What – what did they paint? think about both the subject matter of the paintings as well as the size and scope. On your slide, add pictures of the most important images and also describe them.
  • When – when did they paint? during what era? what else do you know happened during this time?
  • Where – where are these caves located? get as specific as you can and add maps.
  • Why – why do you think they painted? what purpose did the paintings serve?
  • How – what materials did they use to paint? how did they actually create their art?

Use the Keynote file in the 2014 folder to help you. Make sure you save a copy to your DOCUMENTS folder.

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