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7th Grade Podcast Project

We need to be TOTALLY DONE with this project by Thursday, November 4th. That said, here’s what we need to do.

  • Finish finding images (you may use either the sites listed on a previous post or Google Advanced Search – labeled for reuse)
    • Get all images documented
    • Go back through to click on the links and Add them to your iPhoto Library
  • Record narration in GarageBand
  • Edit narration
  • Put everything together in iMovie
    • Finding music and sound effects can happen at this stage if everything else is completed

How to get started with GarageBand

  1. Open GarageBand
  2. Create a new Podcast file and call it Name-Topic (ex: Susie-Cherokees) into your GarageBand folder.
  3. Click in either the Male or Female track, and start recording. If you make a mistake, take a pause and then pick up again. We can edit this later. Ideally, we can do this in one take.

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