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8th Grade Book Trailer – Final Project Requirements

For your trailer to be complete and turned in, you must have the following items in the Book Trailer folder inside of 2011>English>Book Trailers.

  • Your storyboard file
  • A bibliography file with all of your image and audio credits it should be called Name-BookTrailerDocumentation (ex: Susie-BookTrailerDocumentation)
  • Your final video. It should be exported as a medium m4v file and called Name-Title (ex: Billy-HarryPotter.m4v). (Click here for a tutorial on how to do this.)
    • Your final video MUST have closing credits which lists all of your image and audio credits, in order of appearance.
    • Make sure you create your project as Wide Screen

Here is a list of video tutorials that will help you finish creating your project. If you have a question, please raise your hand. I am happy to teach any of these items if you do not understand the video. If you have never used iMovie and would like more instruction, just ask.

Intro to iMovie

This video will show you how to start your project and will give an overview of the features of iMovie.

Working with Images

To create your trailer, you will add images in the order that you specify with your storyboard. Here’s how, as well as some interesting things that you can do with them.

Adding Captions and Titles

Once your images are in place, you can add your captions as well as other text.

Transitions and Audio

Once you have everything in place, here are some things that you could do to further enhance your project.

How to find music on Jamendo and add it to your iMovie

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