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5th Grade Journey into the Caves – the beginning

You are going on a journey to discover ancient cave paintings. In teams, you will work to discover as much as you can about your cave, the artwork, and the artists. At the end of your exploration, you will collaborate to create a blog about your discoveries.


Each team will have 5 or 6 key players:

  • Geologist – person who understands the geography and geology of the area
  • Mapper – person who knows the precise location of the cave and can provide maps to show direction
  • Artifact Artist – person who collects the digital artifacts and keeps them organized for putting into the final product. This person also needs to know everything about the paintings themselves.
  • Historian – the person who focuses on the background information about the people that lived in that site
  • Documentarian – the person who looks at all of the information and then explains how it all works together


Mrs. Stieff, Mrs. Szabo, and I have put you into teams, given you a cave to explore, and assigned you a role. I have also listed out some resources that will help you to get started.

The Caves of Cosquer
Kerrin (artist), Tina (geologist), Michael (mapper), Emmett (historian), Brianna (documentarian)
The Caves of Cantabria and Altamira (the most famous cave in this region)
Cam (documentarian), Ainsley (historian), Becca (mapper), Connor (geologist), Grace (artist)
The Anasazi and their rock art
Aidan (mapper), Tia (geologist), Aspen (artist), Julia (historian), Karla (documentarian)
Aboriginese Rock Art
AJ (mapper), Yuri (geologist), Lizzie (historian), Nicky (historian), Mary Anne (artist), Hannah (documentarian)

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