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7th Grade Final Presentation

Here is the rubric for how I will be assessing your final presentations. Mr. McMahon may have different criteria. You will note that I am not looking at your history, but rather how you use the technology. If you have all of your information typed in, you can start working on these aspects of your final project.


  • Use of Masters – stay within the framework of slide masters and choose the correct master for the slide (10)
  • Design Choices – the choice of overall theme should match the topic, lead to legibility, and support the presentation as a whole. Any transitions or effects should enhance and not distract. (15)
  • Visual Hierarchy – each slide should be laid out in such a way that there is order (20). You should also make sure that you have appropriate grammar so as to have your hierarchy within your writing. (HINT: use a capital letter to begin every sentence)
  • Cohesiveness of Material – the titles, text, and images should all support each other in order to serve as an effective presentation tool (30)
  • File Name – saved as Name-Topic (example: Billy-Fortitude), and in the 7A or 7M History folder (5)
  • Bibliography – all images and information are documented correctly using NoodleTools. They should be presented in chronological order in the bibliography slide(s) (20)

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