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8th Grade – Task #2 Directions for May 4 (8C) and 5 (8E)

Tomorrow, in class, I will go over how to do this in a step-by-step manner. However, this assignment is due at the end of tomorrow’s class. If you use your spreadsheets well, and work together well, this should not take you very long.

For today, here’s what you need to do. HINT: follow the directions!!!

  1. Open Numbers and choose Blank
  2. File>Save As>Name-Task2 and put it in the Hileman or Tavares Math folder inside of 2010
  3. Name Sheet #1 as Sector Database
  4. This sheet should contain all of the data from your math class’ database except for the info on Caps. Copy & paste the info into place. With this spreadsheet, you should sort by each sector so that you can calculate your ROI for each sector.
  5. Name Sheet #2 as Sectors
  6. Title your columns
    • Sector Name
    • My Portfolio
    • Market Value on 2/22
    • Market Value on 4/23
    • Market ROI
  7. Fill in the data based on your info from Sheet #1 and the market values. Use this page from Morning Star to find the market info.
  8. Create a graph to show the relationship between your data and the market
  9. Create a Sheet #3 and call it Caps Database. On this sheet, you will need to do the same calculations as you completed for your sectors, but for your small, mid, and large caps.
  10. Create a Sheet #4 and call it Caps. Use the same concept as from your sectors sheet to create a table and graph to compare your portfolio to the market value.
  11. Create a Sheet #5 and call it Total Market Value. Use this sheet to compare the total portfolio of the class to the following indexes: S&P500, the Russell 2000, and the Barclay’s Capital Aggregate Bond Index (use 1.6% for Barclay’s according to Mr. Hileman’s directions)

I have also shared a PDF file with you to give you an idea of what the final Numbers document may look like. You cannot just use my numbers as they are NOT correct. Good luck!

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