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8th Grade – Stock Market Game Final Project

The task from Mr. Hileman and Mr. Tavares is for each class to analyze their collective holdings, compare them to various market indexes, and to show their collective diversification (or lack thereof). In order to do this, you will need to accomplish the following three (3) tasks. Upon completion, each math class will present their findings to the rest of the grade as well as a panel of experts.

Task #1 – Create a Common Database

  1. You will need to have a master database of all of the holdings. List each holding alphabetically by ticker symbol. Combine duplicates, ensuring that you count all of the duplicate shares. For example, if three teams each hold 100 shares of Apple in their portfolios, then the class portfolio should show 300 shares of Apple. Only use the holdings in the portfolios as of the 23rd of April. For the total value of each of the holdings, use the pricing data for market close on April 23rd. Make one final listing showing the cash balance on April 23rd. Calculate the percent increase or decrease of each of your holdings (ROI), using February 22nd as the buy date, and April 23rd as the last day of change.
  2. Identify the sector for each holding. When the total dollars invested in each sector is computed, make a place on your spreadsheet that shows the total dollar amount for each of your sectors.
  3. Identify the capitalization for each holding. (large, mid, or small). When the total dollars invested in each cap category is computed, make a place on your spreadsheet that shows the total dollar amount in the cap category.

A GoogleDoc has been shared with all of you. Within the workbook, there is one sheet for each math class. You will need to fill in the columns with your data. Remember, to indicate sector or cap, place a 1 in the appropriate column.

Task #2 – Graph your Data

As part of your technology class, EVERY person must create a Numbers document from which to graph your data. You must graph:

  • The ROI of each of your sectors vs. the whole market’s return in that sector
  • The ROI of each of your caps vs. the whole market’s return in that category
  • The return of the class portfolio vs. the following indexes: S&P500, the Russell 2000, and the Barclay’s Capital Aggregate Bond Index (use 1.6% for Barclay’s) from February 22nd until April 23rd.

HINT: think double-bar graph…..

Task #3 – Create a 4 slide presentation

Inside the Hileman or Tavares math folder, each class needs to create a single Keynote presentation which you will use as your final. Your four slides should be a Title slide plus one slide for each of your graphs.

Sectors: For this project, you have a choice as a class to use all twelve sectors, or to combine them as Mr. Hileman has done below. The current spreadsheet has them combined, but you can change that. It is your project; it is your decision.


  • Hardware
  • Media
  • Software
  • Telecommunications


  • Business Services
  • Consumer Services
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare


  • Consumer goods
  • Energy
  • Industrial materials
  • Utilities

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