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8th Grade – What You Do Matters

Several years ago, Congress established an official Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust, and the Holocaust Museum was established as a permanent memorial. On Sunday, April 11th, the world observed the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps with fanfare and presentations at the museum.

President Obama referred to the Holocaust as “our history,” understanding that Holocaust memory belongs to all of humanity. Because unlike the battle-hardened soldiers who liberated the camps and brought freedom to Europe, we now know that the unthinkable is thinkable. We know all too well the human capacity for evil and the catastrophic consequences of indifference in the face of evil. And we now realize that to preserve human freedom, what we do matters. Every day each of us has the potential to shape the world in which we live. (Source: 2010 Days of Remembrance)

For weeks, you have tried to empathize and relate to your historical figure who witnessed these events first hand. Have you succeeded? What have you learned? Did the trip to DC change your opinions in any way?

To finish up this project, complete one final blog post as a sort of farewell. Make sure that you discuss what you have learned about your person as well as yourself. Write it from the perspective of your person, much like you did with your other posts, and be sure to include media that will enhance the final experience.

DUE DATE: Friday, April 30th. (Note: we will be working on the stock market game next week in class)

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