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7th Grade – History Presentation Overview

We will be creating these presentations in Keynote. To get started, please do the following:

  • Open Keynote and Choose White
  • File>Save As> Name-Topic1 (example: MrsH-US_Involvement1)

When designing a presentation, it follows an outline – much like a paper. However, there are a few rules.

  1. Do NOT do anything to your fonts or colors until the very end.
  2. Do NOT use complete sentences unless you are displaying a quote. Slides are visual cues for your audience and not a script for you.
  4. Title Slide – this should introduce your topic, not you. The Sub-Title place is NOT for your name. Leave this until the very end
  5. Slide #2 (Introduction) – this does not mean that the title is Introduction. You should use this slide to tell your audience what you plan to talk about. In other words, introduce your overall concept and your 3 supports.
  6. Support slides – for each of your examples, you will need 2-3 slides. At the minimum, 1 slide to explain the example and 1 to explain the significance.
Your first due date, Friday the 23rd, is for your first example. Think about the tools that would best help you explain what this example is, how it is a good example, and the significance of this example. What images might help you illustrate your topic? For Mr. McMahon, you will need to print these few completed slides.
Printing Slides
You are not going to need to give everything to Mr. McMahon. Therefore, to print, do a File>Print and then click the “more” button (upside down triangle next to the printer location) so that you get additional options. You can indicate exactly which pages you would like to print, and should also print out individual slides. This image will give you an example, or just ask.

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