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8th Grade Stock Market Challenge #2

There are three things that you need to accomplish this week.

  1. For your team, make sure that you have a Cash Balance spreadsheet, complete with formulas. You should have all of your transactions entered into it.
  2. As a grade, you should have ONE spreadsheet that you can all edit. In that spreadsheet, you should have all transactions. Make sure that also have a column that indicates who bought/sold which stocks/bonds/funds.
  3. Each person needs to have a working set of contacts. Here are your hints:
    • You have all of the information that you need in the Stock Market Accounts spreadsheet
    • You will need to follow the directions on the help file, that is inside your contacts folder, to create a CSV file that you can then import. (key word is import)
    • This will require the use of Numbers and an export.
    • Don’t forget that you can collaborate and communicate as long as you do so inside of the collaborative environment.

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