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4R – Checklist for Wednesday

Hi Fourth Grade.

Please show off for Ms. Weld. I told her that you would be super-stars! Here’s your checklist for the day:

  1. Finish typing everything into the 3 Panel Brochure. Use your journals, notebooks, and the mock-up that you did with Mrs. Richards and Ms. Doane. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and reads well.
  2. If you get all of your typing done, go back to your Africa Brochure and see if all of your typing is done there. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly.
  3. Once all of your typing is done, go back to GoogleEarth and finish adding all of the pushpins for your itinerary. Remember to number each one. If you have to re-name a pushpin because it says Untitled, control-click on the push pin and choose Get Info.
  4. If you get EVERYTHING done, and Ms. Weld says that it is all written out correctly, then please be a helper for the rest of the class or do some Typing Master.

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