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7M – Classwork for Tuesday, February 23rd

Good Morning! Ms. Patterson will be there with you today. I expect you to work with her to complete the following. If you finish, you may work in your groups to rehearse your shows. We will try to film as much as possible tomorrow.

Spreadsheet Columns

First, make sure that your Stock Market spreadsheet is set up correctly. Your columns should be as follows.

  • Column A – Ticker Symbol
  • Column B – Company Name
  • Column C – Transaction Date
  • Column D – Purchase Price per Share
  • Column E – Number of Shares Bought
  • Column F – Total Purchase Price
  • Column G – Sale Price per Share
  • Column H – Number of Shares Sold
  • Column I – Total Sale Price
  • Column J – Cash Balance

The goal is to be able to keep track of each of your transactions as well as your cash balance. The Stock Market Game website will help you keep track of the total value of your portfolio. Why do you think that you can’t use a spreadsheet to keep track of the value of your portfolio?

Spreadsheet Formulas

Once your columns are set up, you need to write some formulas. Remember how we learned that spreadsheets can do the math for us? This video will walk you through what you need to do. I’ve set up two samples for you to give you something to work with. Here are the details.

  • Row 2 – you should type 100,000 for your cash balance
  • Row 3 – Set up to buy 25 shares of ACME (Acme Widgets) at $3.50 per share. Don’t forget about the 2% commission. What formula could you use to calculate the total purchase price?
  • Row 4 – Now set up to sell 10 shares of your ACME at $3.25 per share. Again, don’t forget the 2% commission. Write a formula to calculate the total sale price.
  • Column J – what formula could you create so that you can have a constantly updating cash balance for each transaction line? (HINT: your formula may include blank cells)
(If you view this in full-screen, you can read all of what I have typed)

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