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8th Grade Ning Deadlines

Updated as of Sunday, February 21.

Remember, these are Mr. McMahon’s due dates. They may change as things happen with the schedule. My due dates will always be the same day! If Mr. McMahon makes a change, I will adjust with him.

Friday, Feb 19 – About Me (400 word background information), plus 5 photos added

Friday, Feb 26 – Add the remaining five photos and complete your Narrative Elaboration (use the first person and mix action, description, and dialogue to tell about a day or period in your character’s life)

  • For Technology, you will get a 50 point project grade
    • About Me – have this in the correct place and integrating the map correctly (10)
    • Narrative Elaboration – good title, tags, and entered correctly (20)
    • Photo Documentation – each photo is documented correctly and tagged correctly (20)

Friday, March 5 – Blog 1 completed

  • 10 point classwork grade

Friday, March 11 – Blog 2 Completed

  • 10 point classwork grade

Friday, April 2 – Blog 3 Completed

  • 10 point classwork grade

Friday, April 9 – Blog 4 Completed

  • 10 point classwork grade

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