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8th Grade Ning Rubric

Here is the link to our Ning.

In addition to the history requirements for this project, there will be technology requirements. The technology requirements are in the bullets below the description of each history requirement. This post will be updated frequently as the requirements become further defined.

Base Profile Contents:

1. Photos – (at least 10) include a portrait of the person if possible and other original source photos to amplify visually key human behavioral concepts of the holocaust

  • Images should be integrated into your writing and be added to the Photo Block on your page.
  • For each photo, you must include documentation. You should have both a photo credit list on your page and include the following in the description of any image that you add: the URL, the photographer (if applicable), and the name of the source.
  • All photos should also  have tags to identify the photo with the person, the geographic location, the historical event, etc.
  • At least one of your photos should be a digital artifact. This could be a newspaper clipping, a magazine cover, a poster, anything that is a primary source document.

2. “About Me” Profile – (400 words or more) An overview of your selected person and the circumstances in which they lived. Include a map showing their birthplace, as well as their birth year and name, role, life accomplishments, and overview of life both before and during the Holocaust.

  • This should be in the About Me area of your page.
  • Your map should be embedded in your profile statement, and inserted as a URL and NOT uploaded as a file. Make sure that you click on the Options link in the insert window to format  your map and also to link to the original.

3. Narrative elaboration– (at least 600 words in which you elaborate the person’s story as if it were your own). Amplify the significance of the human behaviors involved.

  • This should be added in as a blog post on your page. Make sure that you have a good title (NOT “narrative elaboration”). You should also consider using images and formatting to further define your narrative.

4. Concepts and terminology – (4 blog posts of at least 200 words each) focus on terms such as genocide, obedience & conformity, membership, identity, anti-Semitism, racism, hate crimes, de-humanization, rescuer, perpetrator, etc.

  • Each post should have a good title (not the name of the term) as well as be written in the first person.
  • Each post should include good descriptive tags. These tags should include: rescuer/victim, geographic location, the term/concept that you are incorporating.
5. Forums – in addition to responding to the historical prompts from Mr. McMahon, there will be technology prompts from me. You will receive a classwork grade for each response.
6. Comments – Part of what makes a social network into a social network is the comments on other people’s walls and blog posts. You will need to productively comment throughout this process. Mr. McMahon and I will give further clarification at a later date.

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