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8th Grade Ning Resources

For your Ning project, you are going to need images, maps, artifacts, and information. The sites below will help you with your research.

  • Grolier – remember that the username is the abbreviation for the school and the password is the name of the site. An encyclopedia is always a great place to start.
  • United Streaming – remember that the username is the name of the school and the password is the abbreviation.
  • The Library of Congress – search for thousands of images, videos, audio files, and documents
  • Library of Congress American Memories – browse this collection for a variety of resources. Try searching by a broad topic such as “Civil Rights” and then try to narrow it down.
  • The National Archives – a great place for historical documents, various online exhibits, and WWII/ Holocaust information in particular. You can also access NARA videos from the National Archives at Google Video
  • United States Holocaust Museum – the online exhibitions include some of the footage that you saw in class. There are other good resources here as well.
  • The Smithsonian – the American History collection has a variety of resources.
  • Time Magazine archives – back issues of this magazine can be dated to 1923.
  • Newspaper archives – the NY Times and Washington Post, both being national papers, have articles dating back to the early 1900s. You can search by historical event to potentially find images as well as primary source materials.
  • JewishGen – this website is the home to Jewish Genealogy in the US. You may be able to look up your person in order to find family tree info or pictures.
  • UT Austin Library, historical maps collection – The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection has a comprehensive set of historical maps. You can search by country, time, the world, etc.
  • AskRI – If you go to the library website and then click on AskRI, you can get an entire collection of WorldBooks. The Advanced edition may be a great resource – particularly if you are looking up specific historical events or locations

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