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6th Grade Beowulf Projects

Imagine what would have happened had modern day media existed during the time of Beowulf. More specifically, think about the newspaper coverage and the various magazine articles that could have been written.
Working with your partner, you have TWO class periods to create an article for your assigned publication. Get creative! You may use images as appropriate. However, make sure that you use a template to lay out your final copy.
  1. Go into either the 6B or 6H Technology folder and create a folder for your group
  2. Outline your story, save it to your group folder, and then check in with Mrs. H
  3. Write a DRAFT of your story on a blank Pages Document, save it to your group folder, and then check in with Mrs. H
  4. Create your final project, getting creative, and save it to your group folder
6H Groups
  • Ana & Witt – Time Magazine: Beowulf appears as man of the year
  • Mary & Ben – People Magazine: feature Beowulf as the new hero
  • Morgan & Scott – Newsweek Magazine: create a summary story of the events of Beowulf
  • Allie & Jack – the “Scandinavian Times”: create a news story about what has been happening in Denmark
  • Andrew & Sierra – the “Geats daily newspaper”: write a story about the local boy who is now a big hero (think about what would appear on the front page after Beowulf kills Grendel’s mother)
  • Corran & Arthur – the “Danish daily newspaper”: write a news flash about the events of Grendel’s attack

6B Groups

  • Laura & Izzy – Teen Vogue: create a celebrity story about Beowulf
  • Danny & Finn – Sports Illustrated: Action Sports covers monster domination and features Beowulf as the new star
  • Luca & Jasmine –  the “Scandinavian Times”: write an article about the thief who steals from the dragon and what Beowulf may do about the dragon attacks
  • John & Piers – the “Geats daily newspaper”: write a story about Beowulf‘s last stand against the dragon
  • Annie, Maddie & Ben – write Beowulf‘s obituary as it would appear in the “Geats Daily” and the “Scandinavian Times”
  • Michael & Pete – the “Danish daily newspaper”: write the obituaries for Grendel and Grendel’s mother

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