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8th Grade Travel Video Ruberic

Here is exactly how I will be grading this project.

  • File Name & Location (5) – Your file should be exported as an m4v file and named Country_09-10. (ex: Cuba_09-10)
  • Photo Documentation (25) – All photos must be CC licensed or in the Public Domain. For each photo, you should have the name of the photo, the photographer, and the URL. You should have all of this info in a SINGLE file in your country folder plus in your video credits.
  • Music Documentation (10) – Your music should be CC licensed or in the Public Domain. For each song, you should have the name of the song, the name of the album, the artist, and the URL. This info should be in the SAME FILE as your photo credits, plus in the video credits.
  • Consistency (15) – Your choice of images, how you use transitions, your type, etc. should be consistent throughout your video.
  • Cohesiveness (15) – Your music, images, dialog, and transitions should all hold together an work with each other.
  • Beginning/Transitions/Ending (30) – You should have an engaging beginning, smooth transitions from scene to scene, and an ending that both ties the whole video together and leaves the viewer excited to visit your country.

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