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8th Grade Travel Video Story Boards

Now that you are familiar with your country, how will you tour your guests? As you create this video, think about how you will show someone around your country.

Your storyboards are due on Friday, December 4, at 2:45 pm. Use the storyboard template from Pages, and save it to your country folder as storyboard.

You do not have to write in complete sentences, just map out the order in which your scenes will appear. Make sure you add notes about the types of images/audio that you may need as well as any additional research that you should conduct.

Remember, ALL IMAGES MUST BE CC LICENSED!!!! You also must keep track of your media such that you can post credits at the end of your video. Do NOT focus on media right now, just think about what you need. It is more important to have the skeleton of your storyboard mapped out.

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