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6th Grade Final Graphing Extravaganza

This is so big you’ll need a new file!

  1. Open a new blank Numbers Document
  2. File>Save As Name-Graphing2 (ex: Suzy-Graphing2)
  3. Name your first sheet Oceans by Size
Challenge #1 – How Big?
  • Go to this page from to get your information.
  • Create a table to show the Oceans by Size. The names of the Oceans should be in Column A and the sizes should start in Column B.
  • Graph the oceans by size, showing the areas in square miles.

Hint: watch your units of measure.

Now, can you also create a graph to show the percentage each ocean takes up of the total area of oceans? In other words, if you put all the oceans in the world together, how much area does the Atlantic ocean take up?

Challenge #2 – How Deep?

On the same sheet, create a new Header Table. You will want to set this up so that:

  • Column A is the name of the deepest point in each ocean.
  • Column B is the deepest point in feet,
  • Column C is the name of the ocean.

HINT: list these things in the same order as your first ocean table.

Once you have all of your data. Graph it. What do you notice?

Challenge #3 – How Cold?

Create a new sheet and name it Oceans by Temperature.

  • Create a table with the names of the oceans in Column A and then following columns:
    • Column B should be 60ºN
    • Column C should be 40ºN
    • Column D should be 0º
    • Column E should be 40ºS
    • Column F should be 60ºS

    Hint: To make the degree symbol, hold down Option and press the 0 on the top row of the keyboard.

  • Use the map on this website to figure out the temperatures.
  • Create a chart to compare the the surface temperatures of the oceans, by latitude, in degrees Fahrenheit. (Pay attention to the temperatures given to you on the map.)
Challenge #4 – Bonus Round!!!!
On the same sheet, add another Header Table. We want to graph the mean surface temperature over time in degrees Fahrenheit. Use the graph from the same website as above to get your data points. You will want to plot a temperature for each month over the course of the year. What does this show you?

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