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6th Grade Recycling Challenge #2

Make a new sheet before you begin. Name it Recycling Challenge #2.

The table below shows different types and amounts of materials commonly found in landfills, as well as the amount recovered by recycling.

  1. Fill in the rest of the table by writing a formula and copying it down the column
  2. Create a graph to show the amount of each type of waste
  3. Create a second graph to show the percentage of each material that is being recycled (Hint: you will need to add another column to your table and write another formula to get the percentages.)
Types of Waste Millions of Tons of Waste Created Millions of Tons Recovered by Recycling Millions of Tons Sent to Landfill
Paper 84 42
Yard Waste 32 30
Plastics 30 2
Metals 19 7
Glass 13 10

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