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5S Directions for Friday's Class

5S, the goal for today is to start building our timeline. What I would like for you to do is to work in your groups. You want ONE PERSON TO LOGIN and then open all three documents from your group folder (inside 2013 and then inside 5S). From what you have all typed, pick the best text boxes for your timeline and then start placing them in order on your page as a timeline. Here are some specific steps:

  1. Open all three documents
  2. On the file that has the name of your topic (example: tools), change the Page Layout to Landscape (HINT: open Inspector, click on the icon of a piece of paper, and then choose Page Setup)
  3. Copy & Paste the best boxes into place and draw your timeline
  4. Make sure that your sentences are all grammatically correct. Work as a group, and with your visitors, to edit your writing.
  5. IF you finish all of this, you may start looking for one picture per item on your timeline
We will finish this project next week. Good luck and have fun!

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