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8th Grade Book Trailer Requirements

Remember, these projects are DONE at the end of this week. Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Make sure you have the name of the author and the title of your book someplace in the trailer
  2. You need to have your photo & music credits at the end of the trailer as well as in a SINGLE FILE in your book folder. (Hint: You can copy & paste from one place to the other.)
  3. Don’t forget that both Ms. Edwards and I have given you rubrics for this project.

Technology Ruberic:

  • All images are documented correctly (10)
  • Music is documented correctly (10)
  • Music matches the story line (15)
  • Images show significance and help illustrate the story (15)
  • Transitions enhance – not distract (15)
  • Captions are legible (10)
  • Consistency – all visual elements are chosen to work together (20)
  • Final video file is exported correctly – m4v format for web/CD-Rom and the file name is the name of your book with NO spaces (5)

To turn in the final project, I need a medium m4v file in your book folder. Here’s how you can do that.

If you finish, open the file called “Trailer-Reflection” that is inside the 2010 folder and follow those directions. I will give you a class next week to also work on that.

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