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Summit Dispatch #2

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ots of good things to report. First off, our fund raising total is now at $6505. Thank you again for the donations!

This past weekend, Mike, Maddie, and I decided to go test out our new Jansport packs that were donated to us for the climb. First, we thought we’d go up to New Hampshire and try to climb Mt. Lafayette. It’s supposed to be a great hike. However, the weather report on Friday night was grizzly. Then, we thought we’d try southern Vermont and Mt. Equinox. When we got up at 5:00 on Saturday morning, it was raining there with a high probability of thunderstorms. So, we loaded up our packs with about 30 pounds of dead weight (we need to carry 50 up to base camp on Mt. Langley), and headed to Connecticut.

Now, you may say, I didn’t know there were mountains in Connecticut. Well, there aren’t really. We found a 6 mile loop around Ragged Mountain just south of Hartford. Thing is, the mountain doesn’t really go up! We did have a great hike along the ridge line, and got down before the thunderstorms started.

Not the most epic hike, but at least we saw the sun! We’re headed up to the Adirondacks this coming weekend with former SG sailors – Garth Fasano and Jamie Beadie. We’re following Garth’s lead up a mountain. We’ll update you if we make it back.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the last adventure.

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