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What a Podcast Should Be…

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I’ve always been a bit skeptical about podcasts. They seem great in theory, but not always in practice. Last year, I built them with my 6th graders, but they didn’t quite have the right vibe. Most of my students consider them boring because there aren’t any visuals. However, my feelings about podcasts changed last night.

Here’s how it started. First, I checked my newsfeed on FaceBook. From there, I saw that Brendan Leonard – from Big City Mountaineers – was being featured on the DirtBag Diaries. What can I say, I got curious.

Fifteen minutes later, I had listened to the entire story. Experience, in fact, may be a better word for it. The way that the story, interviews, narrative, and music intertwined was more than what I had previously considered a podcast. Let’s just say that I have a whole new view on the concept. Next year, you can bet that there will be some infiltrating my curriculum.

If you want to listen, here’s the direct link.

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