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8th Grade Final Projects – Grand Finale

Here’s a final list, by group, of what needs to be done.


  • All video footage should be edited and loaded to Vimeo (you have a lot of editing to do)
  • All photos loaded into Flickr and sent to the Sub-Web

4th Grade Flying Kites

  • Export the Folktales so that they can be added to the plays
  • Create an iDVD file to hold the plays as well as the Folktales
  • Export the plays to Vimeo
  • Export the Folktakes to Vimeo
  • Write 2 posts for the Sub-Web: one for the plays and one for the Folktales

Video Team

  • Each interview needs to be exported as a separate m4a file
  • Export the admission video to an m4a file
  • All videos should be loaded onto Vimeo and set to PRIVATE

Tour Team

  • Turn in completed Keynote file. Just focus on making that perfect. I’ll figure out file formats and exporting later.

Community Service

  • Turn in a completed GoogleDoc. Make sure you fill in the content for each area that you outlined. I will take your writing and use it to fill in a St. Mike’s in the Community page on the new site.

Secondary School Guide

  • Make sure that the blog is filled in and completed.

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