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8th Grade Final Challenge

You have 6 weeks to make a difference.

Before you leave St. Michael’s, what could you do to establish a legacy? All year, you have read about the victim, the perpetrator, and the by-stander. However, what about the activist? Think about that person who actually did something, who stood up for someone, who helped out another person. What could you do? You have $50,000 in technology at your fingertips. What can you do with all of these tools that will have a lasting impact? There are only a few rules….


  1. Your final project needs to make a positive impact on your community. How you define community, however, is up to you.
  2. Your final project needs to be planned inside the Google environment. You may not use paper in the planning of your project.
  3. Your final project must have some sort of web-based component.
  4. You must work in a team. This team could include members from your homeroom or the entire grade.
  5. Each project must go through the defined process;
    • Propose project topic
    • Propose project plan
    • Develop project
    • Propose project for evaluation/editing
    • Launch project


This is your chance to show-case what you’ve learned. As we have discussed, you are the digital generation. How will you use the tools that you have available? What will you create?

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