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Altitude for Sale

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Everything else is marked down, so why not a discount on our Summit for Someone!

Mike and I only need $1,450 to reach our $6,000 goal and then get ourselves up 14,026 feet. How about this, we’ll sell our climb for just $1 a foot. That’s a bargain! Just $1 per foot helps give an inner-city teen the adventure of a lifetime.

Click here to donate online!

Besides, don’t you want to be eternally thanked like all of our current sponsors?! Thank you to everyone who has already donated!!!

  • Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Sibyl, Debbie and Vincent, Tricia, Jen, PaPa Smith, Reite, Carolyn & Wes, Steve, Tony, Trice, Aunt Mo, Gwynn, The Dicksons, Elaine, The Spinneys, Melissa, Peter Johns, Bill, Dr. Pete, Garth, Mardi, Mimi, Brenda, Bernadette, Uncle Harry and Aunt Marcia, Elizabeth, Schroeder, The Crockers, Gail, Joan, Jeff Day, Paul, Christine, Joannah, The Howes, Hayden and Jon, Claire, Lisa Pritchard, Martha, Whitney, Bob, Anna and Oakley, Judy, The Donaldsons, Andy and Tami, Lisa Conway, Sam and Anne, Jim and Anne, Brian Gibbs, Michael Thalhimer, JP and Mary Beth, Roy and Gail, Carolyn and Jason,
  • Cafe Zelda for hosting the Summit Party
  • Wild Things for the packs and sweaters, EMS for the kayak rental, Team 1 Newport for the off-shore jacket, and Bridge to Fitness for the 2 months of membership, all of which we auctioned off.

Big City Mountaineers is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to providing outdoor education, mentoring, and leadership training to inner-city teens across the country. All of the proceeds from Summit for Someone go directly to BCM.

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