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5th Grade – Explore your Technology

Now that we have identified some of the architectural technologies that have come from the ancient world, let’s start looking a bit more closely.

Your goal is to work together to find out when your technology first appeared, where it appeared, and how it was used. Within your groups, designate two people to be Researchers and one person to be the Note Taker. (For the group of 4, you can decide how you would like to use the other person.)

Researchers – here are some suggestions for websites to use to begin finding your information

  • (look for the Columbia Encyclopedia articles)
  • (search for BOTH your topic and a place; for example: arches, ancient rome)
  • GoogleMaps (search for BOTH your topic and a place; for example: arches, rome)

Note Takers, you will use another graphic organizer.

  1. Go to the Interactive Graphic Organizer site.
  2. Choose Spider Map
  3. The center topic should be the name of your topic (for example: arches)
  4. You can organize yourselves from there. Feel free to use more than one graphic organizer.
  5. Make sure that everyone’s names are on the worksheet in the Name area

When you are done, or at the end of class, you need to follow these directions:

  • File>Print
  • In the Print Window, click on the button that says PDF
  • Choose Save PDF
  • Name the file the name of your team
  • Save it to your Documents folder
  • Move a copy to the 5H or 5S folder

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